East Coast Fiber Systems (ECFS, LLC) is a Tier 1 fiber optics company established in 1999. We build ISP/OSP entire fiber optic plants and networks. Our technicians install fiber optic cable, fusion splice, terminate and connectorize with a variety of fiber connectors. We test with OTDRs, power source and light meters. Therefore, certifying the fiber optic installation. ECFS has extensive experience in SM/MM fiber as well as ribbon splicing. Upon request, installations can be customized to any size and type. For example, 2 strand to 288 strands. We are dedicated to prepping all sizes and manufactures of fiber optic cables and use variety of splice enclosures. We also specialize in hot cut-overs, troubleshooting and repair of fiber, voice and data issues related to cuts, damages and equipment problems. Specialized services include Armor and Non-Armor FOC.

Compliance and integrity? ECFS are committed to industry standards and regulations and abide by BICSI Standards and Codes. These standards and codes are enforced in all jobs. The examination of prints, splice logs, color codes for fiber, voice data, telephone are important to us and the execution of services provided. We pride ourselves on customer loyalty.

The following companies are examples of services provided: 

Corning Products

AFL Products