What We Do

Fort Benning Georgia Army Base - Installation of WAP Network in Multiple Buildings


Subcontracted to install Cat6 cable and OM3 MM FOC. Install WAPs,Switches and Patch Panels, Terminate patch panel and the fiber with AFL fast connects,Test with Fluke OTDR Heads. Install Outside wireless radio antennas for point to point service. (Building to Building) Run OM3 FOC from radio antenna to switch in IDF.  LABEL and Documentation. Speed test and Heat Map.

Installations on Military Bases


Travis AFB,CA. Key West FL, Navy. Fort Eustis VA, Army Buildings. Naval Station Norfolk. Dam Neck VA.

Fiber Optic Splicing and Testing Tier 1 Spec Warfare Naval Facilities


Installed a variety of SM/MM FOC. Install FO Rack Mount wall mount Splice Enclosures. Prepped FOC and fusion spliced pigtails at several locations. OTDR Tested, Documented and Labeled. OSP Fence line fiber for Security Cameras and ISP for CCTV Training systems. Several Locations, Customer classified but can be verified if needed. High Profile.

Outside Plant Fiber Optic Builds, Past and Ongoing


OSP - New build and expanding Fiber builds. Consists of Prepping multiple fiber count cables into a variety of splice enclosures, prepping tubes in trays and fusion splice according to splice logs. FO Cases have backbone/trunk cables and drop cables. Mainly Raychem Enclosures/Gel and Non Gel. Corning Fiber. 2 strand to 144 strand. OTDR Test and Document. We do hot cuts and Emergency fiber repair for the companies. FTTP has started. (Fiber to the House)  ISP- Prep/Splice Inside customer drops in rack mounted enclosure. Commercial and Government.  Ongoing ESVB Authority, 

Haile Gold Mine Kershaw SC. Mined Certified Class.


Subcontracted to Prep/Fusion Splice FOCs. ISP/OSP New Fiber optic Network Ring. Fusion splice Backbone ring and lateral drops to pigtails and patch threw, around 50-60 points. Fusion splice ISP FO cables in IDF and MDF Rooms. OTDR tested and document.  Terminated Fiber in there newly build Gold Plant.

Built ISP/OSP Fiber Networks. Installed, Spliced, Tested, Per BICSI EIA/TIA Stand


Subcontracted. VDOT, Cox Cable, Norfolk City Traffic and Virginia Beach Traffic, Suffolk traffic and IT Dept. Thalle Const, Strategic Systems, Network Design Technologies, Built new FOC ISP for Lynhavven Mall. Granite. Structure Cabling for High End Condos, Va Beach Oceanfront. Fiber Termination Connectors for VIT cranes.  Archer Western. (Temp Offices). Fort Eustis Fiber. Fiber Optic cable build for live Tank Range training, Army. Fort Pickett